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November 13, 2015 13:00 ET

Prime Minister of Canada Makes Ministerial Mandate Letters Public
OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Nov. 13, 2015) – Prime Minister’s Office


Minister of Environment and Climate Change Mandate Letter http://pm.gc.ca/eng/minister-environment-and-climate-change-mandate-letter#sthash.Uh9mrV2c.pK1Ngvvu.dpuf

Among top priorities outlined  by the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the newly appointed Minster of the Environment and Climate Change , the Honourable Catherine McKenna:

“I  expect you to help restore Canada’s reputation for environmental stewardship.”

“Treat our freshwater as a precious resource that deserves protection and careful stewardship, including by working with other orders of government to protect Canada’s freshwater using education, geo-mapping, watershed protection, and investments in the best wastewater treatment technologies.”

Working in collaboration with the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, renew our commitment to protect the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence River Basin and the Lake Winnipeg Basin.”


Members of U.S. Congress ask Trudeau to not allow burial of nuclear waste near Lake Huron

The Associated Press | November 6, 2015 12:11 PM ET



Scientists, ministers get green light to speak under Trudeau
Federal ministers are returning reporters’ calls in a timely manner
By Pauline Dakin, CBC News Posted: Nov 06, 2015 2:51 PM AT Last Updated: Nov 06, 2015 9:13 PM



Senators Stabenow, Peters, Congressman Kildee Call for Newly Elected Canadian Prime Minister to Stop Storage of Nuclear Waste on Great Lakes



“U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) and Congressman Dan Kildee (D-MI) today urged newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take action to stop nuclear waste from being buried less than a mile from Lake Huron. In a letter to the Prime Minister, Sens. Stabenow, Peters and Rep. Kildee urged the new Canadian government to not approve permits necessary to construct a proposed nuclear waste site in Kincardine, Ontario

This letter was also signed by Representatives Dan Benishek (R-MI), Mike Bishop (R-MI), John Conyers (D-MI), Debbie Dingell (D-MI), Brenda Lawrence (D-MI), Sander Levin (D-MI), Candice Miller (R-MI), John Moolenaar (R-MI), and David Trott (R-MI).

Full text of the letter can be found below:

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

Please accept our congratulations on being elected the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. We are eager to work collaboratively with your administration to advance our many shared interests and mutually reconcile issues where our countries may differ.

We write to you today about a matter of great concern to the citizens of our respective states: the risks to the Great Lakes of constructing a deep geological repository for storing 7,000,000 cubic feet of radioactive waste on the shores of Lake Huron in Kincardine, Ontario. As you are aware, the previous Administration postponed to December 2 the deadline for rendering the final decision on whether to permit the planning for constructing the facility.

The Great Lakes are our most precious natural resource — providing drinking water to 40 million people on both sides of the border and billions of dollars to our regional and national economies. Given the critical importance of these shared waters to our countries, and the potentially catastrophic damages to the Lakes from a nuclear accident, we urge your administration not to approve this repository and consider alternative locations outside the Great Lakes Basin. At the very least, we ask that the final decision be postponed until we have an opportunity to discuss this matter with you in person.

Thank you for your consideration of our requests. We look forward to working with you and your Administration.”



1. Email the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency at ceaa.conditions.acee@ceaa-acee.gc.ca  expressing your “unconditional opposition” to OPG’s DGR (include “CEAA Reference No. 17520″ so your comments can be routed to the correct docket).

2.  Contact the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change at Catherine.McKenna@parl.gc.ca

Tell her you are unconditionally opposed to OPG’s DGR proposal.

3. Sign the Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Petition/Spread the Word


4. Sign the Sum of Us Petition/Spread the Word


5. To our U. S. Friends:

Contact your two U.S. Senators, and your U.S. Congressman (call their offices via the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121), and urge them to co-sponsor the bipartisan U.S. Senate (S.Res. 134) and House (H.Res. 194) resolutions opposing the DGR; Likewise, urge them to co-sponsor U.S. Senate and House legislation, the “Stop Nuclear Waste by Our Lakes Act,”  introduced by U.S. Sens. Stabenow and Peters, and U.S. Rep. Kildee (Democrats from Michigan).  The “Stop Nuclear Waste by Our Lakes Act” will invoke the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty, and mandate the U.S.-Canadian International Joint Commission (IJC) to undertake a comprehensive review of the DGR proposal.

Contact the White House, and urge President Obama to instruct Secretary of State Kerry to activate the IJC to undertake a comprehensive review of the DGR proposal.


STGLND MAP : Resolutions Opposing the DGR


Updated 11/7/15

resolution dots

U.S. senator plans legislation relating to proposed nuclear waste dump

The Associated Press via CBC | John Flesher | August 10, 2015


Stabenow plans legislation on Canadian waste plan


Residents, lawmakers fight Canadian nuke waste site


SOS attended the International Rally to Protect the Great Lakes at Port Huron on Aug. 16


SOS asks Federal Court to quash JRP Report

June 12, 2015

SOS asks Federal Court to reject the Joint Review Panel’s report approving OPG’s Lake Huron nuclear waste dump because of the Panel’s multiple legal errors, bias and reliance on evidence based on deceptive and unlawful conduct. Read More.

Download this Press Release PDF (74 KB)
Download the Application for Judicial Review PDF
(3.9 MB)

Read the media attention surrounding the public release of the JRP Report in June and SOS’s request to quash it.

A Statement from SOS

May 07, 2015

Dear SOS Members,
We were informed today that the Ministry of the Environment has released the Report by the JRP on the DGR 1.

The report is highly qualified. It concludes that there will be no likely significant adverse effects caused by the OPG DGR on the Kincardine site, IF the 100 conditions that they have prescribed as mandatory, are acted upon. What this means is that in their view if any of the conditions are not acted upon, there will be SIGNIFICANT environmental impact as well as cause an effect on health and environment from the construction and operation of the DGR as planned.

This is ONE of the steps in the DGR process. This report is being examined by the Minister of the Environment who may accept or reject it, or apply new conditions. It will remain our position that this proposal is altogether unsafe, unacceptable and unscientific. It has involved multiple breaches of due process, secret deals with our municipal leaders, buying of support from the public and multiple examples of unfair treatment of our community.

The Board of SOS would like to gauge support for your continued involvement as we determine strategies for opposing the DGR at this next stage. There will be opportunities for municipal deputations, and for canvassing our federal leaders as we roll toward an election. There is great opposition from the Great Lakes community on this and it is growing. We thank you for your past support, welcome new members and encourage all to become informed and represent your concerns at every opportunity.

Joint Review Panel Environmental Assessment Report Released Publicly

May 07, 2015

Joint Review Panel (JRP) Report was issued to the public on May 6th 2015. As you may know the JRP is made up of three experts. They are appointed by the federal government and they gain their mandate through the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. The report that they authored is just over 400 pages long. It is available through this site and the internet.

The JRP is charged with reviewing relevant documents, conducting hearings and providing summary opinion on the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed Deep Geological Repository (DGR1) for Low and Intermediate radioactive waste: a plan to bury radioactive waste 1.2 kilometers from Lake Huron in sedimentary rock.

The JRP, in writing their report, had three options available to it: rejection of the OPG EIA, acceptance of the OPG application, and conditional acceptance.

The decision of the JRP in the case of the DGR1 is to give Conditional Acceptance. There are 98 mandatory conditions, many of which note that to not comply with them will cause significant adverse effects to the environment. The JRP go on to add that the project will not proceed unless every one of the conditions are met!

SOS is entering a new phase in its continuing effort to foster understanding of the DGR1 and DGR 2 projects and to do something to stop burial of nuclear waste under where we live, work, and play. We owe this to ourselves, our family and friends, and greater community of people and living things that we hold so dear. Most of all we owe it to future generations.

The Panel’s Conclusion, Mitigation and Requirements for Follow Up is outlined in Chapter 16 of the JRP report. See Panel’s 98 Recommendations.

The full Panel Report, which includes a summary, is available on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry at ceaa-acee.gc.ca registry 17520.

11-Towns-Host-Deep-Burial-ArticleFederal Panel OKs Nuclear Waste Site | May 07, 2015 | John Spears & Lauren Pelley | The Star

SOS comment: The importance of the JRP report is evident by the number of articles responding to it. It is important to note that the report gave conditional approval not approval and that it is subject to Ministerial review and public review. It is also subject to a veto by First Nations and review by the United States through treaty agreements specifically dealing with the management of the Great Lakes and nuclear waste. Note as well that the new standard adopted by the US is for surface storage of nuclear waste not burial.

11-Towns-Host-Deep-Burial-ArticleInside the race for Canada’s nuclear waste:11 towns vie to host deep burial site | February 26, 2015 | Charles Wilkins | The Globe and Mail
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LANL officials downplayed waste’s dangersLANL officials downplayed waste’s dangers even after leak | November 15, 2014 (Updated Feb 17, 2015) | Patrick Malone | The New Mexican
Are Ontario’s scandal-plagued cities due for greater oversight? Are Ontario’s scandal-plagued cities due for greater oversight? | November 07, 2014 | San Grewel | The Star
County Council meetings with Nuclear Industry Reps in contravention of  Ontario Municipal ActClosed Meetings Investigator finds Bruce County Council meetings with Nuclear Industry Reps in Contravention of Ontario Municipal Act  | August 07, 2014 | Brockton, ON
Closed-door nuclear meetings broke the law in Bruce CountyClosed-door nuclear meetings broke the law in Bruce County  | August 07, 2014 | John Spears | The Star



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