Nuclear waste plan unsafe, panel hears
 | July 14, 2014 | The Globe and Mail
A retired nuclear scientist has slammed Ontario Power Generation over its proposed $1-billion nuclear waste burial site on Lake Huron, saying the utility’s safety assessment contains some dangerous errors… Read the full article

SOS: The Next Challenge
Joint Review Panel Hearings to Resume on OPG’s Proposed Low- and Intermediate-Level Radioactive Waste DGR Sited for Kincardine, Ontario

Dear Supporters:
While Saugeen Shores has in one sense been “saved” — the municipality was struck from the NWMO’s list of potential sites for a DGR for used nuclear fuel in January —  the members of our citizens’ group, Save Our Saugeen Shores, realize the larger fight against the deep burial of nuclear waste anywhere in the Great Lakes Basin must continue. As all of you know, the risks associated with nuclear waste do not respect municipal boundaries.

Our close neighbours, the municipalities Huron-Kinloss, South Bruce and Brockton, all within the Great Lakes Basin, remain candidates for the deep geological repository for high-level nuclear waste (DGR 2).

But our immediate concern is DGR 1 (low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste) — proposed for a site less than a kilometre from Lake Huron in Kincardine, Ontario, and only about a dozen kilometres from Saugeen Shores. Currently the subject of a Joint Review Panel hearing, it is much further along the path to approval than DGR 2.

The potential dangers of DGR 2 are the same for DGR 1 and SOS remains opposed to both. Recent Joint Review Panel clarifications sought from Ontario Power Generation show the evolving plan for DGR 1 is for the repository to contain far more dangerous materials than the “mops and gloves” once described to Kincardine residents. Instead, DGR 1 will eventually house hugely radioactive refurbishing and decommissioning waste from Ontario’s aging reactors.

Therefore, our top concern this summer is preparing submissions for the Joint Review Panel hearings on DGR 1, which resume on Sept. 9 in Kincardine.

We need your support as members, volunteers and donors.

Anyone wanting to address the panel must register by June 23, and then provide a written hearing submission to the panel by July 21. Read over how to participate in the hearing or contact us by email for assistance.

Stay tuned for notice of our next members’ meeting, as well as the date of our AGM and celebration in August in Saugeen Shores.

Ready to submit your intent to participate?
Download the public hearing procedures and participation form [.pdf]

Michigan Senate unanimously passes legislation opposing Canadian nuclear waste dump | June 13, 2014 | The Voice
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Unanimous decision by Michigan Senate, and if passed by Michigan House, it will be sent to President Obama. | June 12, 2014 | Toronto Star
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Provincial Parties will weigh in on future of Lake Huron nuclear waste burial at Joint Review Panel hearings for DGR | June 9, 2014 | Burying Nuclear Waste at the Bruce: OPG’s Proposed Deep Geological Repository
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Joint Review Panel Announces Additional Public Hearing Days for Deep Geologic Repository Project | June 3, 2014 | Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
The Joint Review Panel for the Deep Geologic Repository Project for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste (DGR) has scheduled additional public hearing days to begin on September 9, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. Read the news release

News Conference Brian Masse

MAY 27, 2014 NEWS CONFERENCE—Brian Masse, MP for Windsor West explains motion raising concerns over Nuclear Waste Storage in the Great Lakes Basin. Behind: John Sifton, Save Our Saugeen Shores (SOS), Bluewater Coalition Against the DGR; Carol Hughes, NDP member for Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasin; Doug Hunter and Dale Palin, The Inverhuron Committee; Brennain Lloyd, Northwatch

Motion made by Brian Masse at news conference  | May 27, 2014

Brian Masse MP Windsor  West—That, in the opinion of the House, the government should defer further review and any approval of the Deep Geologic Repository Project environmental assessment for low and intermediate level radioactive waste at the Bruce Nuclear Site until such time as: (a) an independent technical body is established, and has completed (i) an evaluation of the state of technical and scientific knowledge with respect to deep geological repositories for nuclear waste and (ii) an assessment as to whether Canada’s regulatory regime is sufficiently robust  to adequately support an environmental assessment and licensing review of proposals for deep geologic repositories; (b) there is a full evaluation of alternatives to the proposed deep geologic repository, including alternative sites, alternative designs and alternative methods; and (c) residents, stakeholders and rights holders in the Great Lakes Basin – including in potential host communities, neighbouring communities, transportation corridor communities, and the broader Great Lakes community are engaged in a direct and active dialogue facilitated by a trusted third party.

Watch the news conference


Sign the Petition
Protect Lake Huron: No Nuclear Waste on its Shores
US Petition to President Obama

“Add your voice to those of thousands of other Michigan residents demanding that President Obama exercise the United States’ international rights to keep 7 million cubic feet of nuclear waste from being buried under the shores of Lake Huron!”  –Michigan State Senator Phil Pavlov


Sign the Petition
Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump

This petition against the Low and Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste Dump sited for Kincardine, ON and addressed to The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Canadian Minister of the Environment, states:

“We call on you to refuse Ontario Power Generation’s application to build an underground Deep Geological Repository for radioactive nuclear waste within the Municipality of Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron that would threaten the drinking water of 40 million Canadians and Americans. We stand with concerned citizens in opposition to the building of an underground nuclear waste dump anywhere in the Great Lakes Basin.”



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Michigan lawmakers step up fight against nuke | May 21, 2014 | CTV NEWS LONDON
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Scientist sheds new light on proposed  nuclear waste site on Lake Huron | May 14, 2014 | Michigan Radio
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New reactor plan needs more work, court tells OPG | May 15, 2014 | Toronto Star
A federal court judge has told Ontario Power Generation  it needs to flesh out its proposal to build new nuclear reactors
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Ten Thousand Years  | May 12, 2014 | 99% Invisible
In 1990, the federal government invited a group of  geologists, linguists, astrophysicists, architects, artists, and writers to the New Mexico desert, to visit the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. They would be there on assignment.
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Designing a Nuclear Waste Warning Symbol That Will Still Make Sense in 10,000 Years | May 14, 2014 | The Eye
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How the Nuclear Waste Management Organization targeted Pinehouse | April 12, 2014 | Briarpatch Magazine
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Resolutions Opposing OPG Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump | April 15, 2014 | Stop the Great Lakes Nuke Dump
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OPG ordered to redo safety reports | March 28,2014 | The Sun Times
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Nuclear waste panel wants more answers | March 25, 2014 | The Star.com
A panel considering a nuclear waste site near Kincardine wants more information following an accident at a site in New Mexico.
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