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Planned nuclear waste facility raises fears for Great Lakes |April 14, 2014| Detroit Free Press


How the Nuclear Waste Management Organization targeted Pinehouse |April 12, 2014| Briarpatch Magazine


Resolutions Opposing OPG Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump| April 15, 2014| Stop the Great Lakes Nuke Dump


 OPG ordered to redo safety reports |March 28,2014| The Sun Times


Nuclear waste panel wants more answers | March 25, 2014 | The Star.com
A panel considering a nuclear waste site near Kincardine wants more information following an accident at a site in New Mexico.
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New! Information Request from the Joint Review Panel
The Deep Geologic Repository Joint Review Panel has requested additional information from Ontario Power Generation and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Once the Panel has received adequate responses to its information requests, it plans to schedule additional hearing days. The purpose of the additional hearing days will be to provide the Panel and Interested Parties with the opportunity to address any outstanding questions in relation to the subjects addressed in information requests issued by the Panel since November, 2013. Details related to the focus, procedures, deadlines and scheduling of the additional hearing days will be provided in the near future.


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DGR figures wrong says former OPG scientist, while New Mexico radiation leak raises new questions | March 15, 2014 | The Shoreline Beacon.com
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An international petition by the Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump organization now has over 50,000 signatures!

This petition against the Low and Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste Dump sited for Kincardine, ON and addressed to The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Canadian Minister of the Environment, states:

“We call on you to refuse Ontario Power Generation’s application to build an underground Deep Geological Repository for radioactive nuclear waste within the Municipality of Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron that would threaten the drinking water of 40 million Canadians and Americans. We stand with concerned citizens in opposition to the building of an underground nuclear waste dump anywhere in the Great Lakes Basin.”

Sign Now:  http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/stopthegreatlakesnucleardump.html

Former OPG Employee says waste site radiation underestimated | February 28, 2014 | The Star
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Leak Detected at US Nuclear Waste Repository ( WIPP) in New Mexico | February 27, 2014 | Las Cruces Sun-News
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13 Workers exposed to radiation at New Mexico disposal plant| February 27, 2014 | CNN
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‘Wake-Up Call’ as Workers Test Positive for Radiation After Nuclear Leak | February 27, 2014 | Common Dreams
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 13 Workers exposed to radiation at New Mexico plant after leak, officials say  |  February 27, 2014 | FoxNews.com
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Leak confirmed at Nuclear Waste Dump in New Mexico  |  February 20, 2014   |  Associated Press
Confirmed radiation leak at  the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant “WIPP” repository for low level nuclear waste in New Mexico.
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Monday, March 3rd @ 12 noon (Eastern)
Nuclear Waste: International Update 2014

One of the Canadian nuclear industry’s persuasion strategies is to describe their plan to bury nuclear waste as being in-step with international norms – “everybody’s doing it!”. Our international panel will provide a summary of where the nuclear waste program is actually at in the U.S.A, United Kingdom and Sweden. Presentations by Mary Olson, Nuclear Information and Resource Service (USA) Pete Roche, NuClear News Service (United Kingdom) and Dr. Johan Swahn, MKG, (Sweden)

2014 Webinar Series
Nuclear Waste On-line: Sponsored by Northwatch
Please join Northwatch for on-line workshops about nuclear waste in Canada. This webinar series is offered free of charge using the on-line meeting service at www.anymeeting.com. Visit Northwatch’s page at www.anymeeting.com/Northwatch for webinar details, to register, and /or to join the workshops.

Nuclear Waste: Canada Update 2014
Join us for an on-line workshop to share news, information and community updates about Canada’s nuclear waste program and the nuclear industry’s search for a burial site for all of Canada’s high level nuclear fuel waste.

The Nuclear 3′R’s – Reprocessing, Recycling and the Nuclear Renaissance
Why “reprocessing” increases hazards and creates new problems rather than solving them and how the NWMO’s “geologic disposal” of nuclear wastes may end up being a cover for plutonium separation through the “reprocessing” of used nuclear fuel. Presentation by Dr. Gordon Edwards, President, Canadian Coalition for NuclearResponsibility.Getting the Shaft: Nuclear Waste Repository Design
Still in the early stages of their search for a “willing” community in which they may construct an underground repository for all of Canada’s high level nuclear waste, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization has been operating a “technical program” for a number of years. This webinar will include a broad overview of the NWMO “research” program, with a closer look at some key aspects of the NWMO repository design.  Presentation by Save Our Saugeen Shores researcher, Pat Gibbons.

We are sad to report that some of our neighbouring municipalities are still in the contest — South Bruce, Brockton and Huron-Kinloss.

It has always been part of SOS’s mandate to fight against nuclear waste buried anywhere in the Great Lakes basin.

In the coming weeks ahead, we will ask you about what you would like to see us do now to help our neighbours, but for now, it’s time to celebrate the news in Saugeen Shores and Arran-Elderslie.

Thank you again for your extraordinary support.

Save Our Saugeen Shores (SOS) is most pleased with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s decision to remove Saugeen Shores from the list of towns in competition to host a DGR for radioactive used fuel.  The citizens’ group has initiated the process of removing its billboard message against this project in Southampton.  If you live in Saugeen Shores and would like to recycle your lawn sign, SOS members will pick it up and donate to others in communities still in the  APM process for the radioactive used fuel DGR. — contact info@saveoursaugeenshores.org  for assistance or for further information.

NWMO Agrees: No Nuke Dump in Saugeen Shores! 
To all of you who have supported Save Our Saugeen Shores and the fight against the nuke dump in our municipality with your letters, e-mails, lawn signs, march participation, t-shirt purchases, donations and in so many other ways, a huge and heartfelt thank you.  The Nuclear Waste Management Organization announced Thursday that Saugeen Shores and Arran-Elderslie have been eliminated from the competition to find a ‘willing host’ municipality for lethal high-level radioactive waste.

Community opposition prevails!
Cheryl Grace, Spokesperson – “We are enormously pleased and relieved that investigating this highly inappropriate siting of the DGR in Saugeen Shores will not go ahead.  We hope to see the same decision on DGR 1 in Kincardine, and in fact hope to see the day when there are no further plans to bury nuclear waste in the Great Lakes Basin. Our work is not done:  Huron-Kinloss, South Bruce, and Brockton are too close to population centers, agricultural and recreational economies, and especially Lake Huron, to be a prudent choice for the burial of radioactive waste.  And OPG’s proposed DGR for Kincardine remains a significant threat to millions who depend on the Great Lakes for life and livelihood.  We would like to thank  all of those who donated their time to support us in many ways.”


CTV London: Scott Miller interviews Pat Gibbons ( SOS ) and Mayor Smith
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Saugeen Shores, Arran-Elderslie unsuitable for used nuclear fuel DGR   |  January 17, 2014  |  The Shoreline Beacon
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No nuclear waste for two Bruce County communities  |  January 16, 2014  |  The Toronto Star
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NWMO Letter To Mayor Smith of Saugeen Shores and Mayor Paul Eagleson of Municipality of Arran – Elderslie
Read the letter [.pdf] 


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead